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Eminem Seeks Deposition Exemption in RHOP Trademark Dispute

Eminem seeks protective order against Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon amid trademark battle.
Eminem, 51, filed paperwork on December 15 asking the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to grant him a protective order from having to appear in person for a deposition amid his ongoing trademark dispute with Bryant, 53, and Dixon, 44.
The legal drama began in February when Eminem filed an opposition against Bryant and Dixon’s trademark application for their podcast name, 'Reasonably Shady.'
Bryant and Dixon hit back with a filing of their own in March, asking for Eminem’s opposition to be denied.
The reality TV personalities filed to trademark their podcast’s name in February 2022 with the intent to begin selling products including cosmetics, clothing and water bottles.
The idea for the podcast came to Dixon during the coronavirus pandemic after she and Bryant went live on Instagram together.