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Emma Roberts Sparks New 'RHONY' Obsession with Luann de Lesseps' French-Inspired Eggs

Emma Roberts, known for her acting career, shares her newfound obsession with The Real Housewives of New York City, especially inspired by Luann de Lesseps' Eggs à la Française recipe.
Roberts and her sister Grace Nickels filmed themselves cooking the holiday breakfast and shared the process on Instagram, showcasing their enthusiasm for the dish.
Roberts demonstrated her cooking skills by whipping up the Eggs à la Française, adding a 'splash of hot water' to make the final product fluffy.
While cooking, Roberts shared her thoughts on the cooking process and mentioned that the trick to Eggs à la Française is constantly stirring with a wooden spoon.
Roberts impressively prepared the dish and celebrated her success with an impromptu performance of Luann de Lesseps' 'Money Can't Buy You Class,' showcasing her enthusiasm for the Real Housewives.
The article also mentions Luann de Lesseps' cooking skills, as she impresses others with her Eggs à la Française recipe and receives praise from a French chef, while facing some lighthearted criticism from Sonja Morgan.