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Fearless Musicians

Maren Morris Applauds Taylor Swift, The Chicks, and Others for Boldly Biting the Hand

Maren Morris honored inspirational musicians Taylor Swift, The Chicks, and Sinéad O’Connor while accepting Variety’s Changemaker of the Year award.
Morris praised these musicians for their courage in challenging the status quo and making comfortable people feel uncomfortable.
She also expressed her deep inspiration from their courage in facing backlash for standing up for progressive causes in the country music industry.
In response to drawing ire for standing up for progressive causes, Morris hinted at taking a step back from the mainstream country world.
She clarified that she loves living in Nashville and doesn’t plan on transitioning completely to pop music anytime soon.
Morris made headlines in 2022 when she called out Brittany Aldean for sharing seemingly transphobic comments on social media...
...and later began selling T-shirts bearing the phrase 'lunatic country music person' with proceeds benefiting GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and the Trans Lifeline.