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"Franco Brothers' Mom Creates Personalized Barbie Dolls for Sons and Partners"

Betsy Franco made custom Barbie dolls of her sons and their wives, sharing a video on Instagram. She wished everyone a lovely 2024 and shared details about her sons and their partners' dolls.
Betsy Franco then shared a picture of the dolls on her Instagram Story, prompting others to guess who was who in the Barbie Xmas photo.
Next, Betsy showcased dolls inspired by Dave Franco and his wife, Alison Brie, who commented on the post, impressed by the likeness of their dolls.
Alison Brie expressed her obsession with the Barbie dolls on her Instagram Story, thanking Betsy Franco for the perfect gift.
James Franco and his girlfriend, Izabel Pakzad, also had their own dolls, reflecting their personalities and fashion choices. Betsy Franco shared a glimpse of the Franco family's Thanksgiving gathering on Instagram.