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Feeling Like a Villain in the Leslie Fhima Breakup

Gerry Turner
Gerry Turner admits to hurting Leslie Fhima on his way to finding love with Theresa Nist, feeling like a villain at times.
Gerry told Leslie she was 'The One,' but she called him out for his words during their reunion on After the Final Rose.
Leslie expressed falling in love with Gerry for various reasons, particularly valuing his integrity and the reassurance he gave her privately.
Gerry apologized to Leslie, unsure if she could accept it, and confirmed his intention to propose to Theresa after their overnight date.
Theresa expressed her strong feelings for Gerry but wasn't confident he would pick her, showing unselfishness and innocence in the situation.
Gerry and Theresa will document their wedding on The Golden Wedding, airing live on ABC Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET.