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Hailey Bieber's Favorite Self-Tan Revealed

Get a Natural Glow
Hailey Bieber recommends TAN-LUXE The Water self-tan mist for glowing and tanned skin.
It’s December, and Hailey Bieber uses the TAN-LUXE The Water self-tan spray to provide a perfect tan glow and even out the coloring.
The TAN-LUXE The Water is a transparent, ultra-fine mist that hydrates and refreshes the skin, available for $43.20 on Amazon.
In a GRWM TikTok video, Hailey gave a shoutout to Tan Luxe Mist, highlighting its amazing ingredients and easy application.
Tan-Luxe Mist has stellar reviews, providing a healthy glow without an orange look and suitable for fair skin without the mess.