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"Get a Sneak Peek of Melissa Barrera's New Film 'Your Monster' Following Surprising 'Scream' Departure"

Melissa Barrera's new movie 'Your Monster' is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2024. The movie is a horror comedy based on Caroline Lindy's short film and follows a unique love story.
Barrera was fired from Scream VII due to her comments about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Her social media posts led to her dismissal from the project.
Spyglass Media Group denied that Barrera's pro-Palestine comments prompted her exit from Scream VII.
In her social media statement, Barrera expressed her responsibility to speak out and raise awareness about issues she cares about.
Jenna Ortega won't reprise her role in Scream VII due to her filming schedule for season 2 of Netflix's Wednesday. Barrera has an untitled Universal Monsters movie lined up with Radio Silence Productions.