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"Golden Bachelorette Spinoff
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist got engaged during 'The Golden Bachelor' finale. Will there be a 'Golden Bachelorette' spinoff? Here's what we know.
The first season of The Golden Bachelor has ended. Gerry and Theresa got engaged in Costa Rica and will marry in a live TV special in 2024. Viewers fell in love with the women on the show. Buzz about a Golden Bachelorette spinoff has been circulating.
There won't be a Golden Bachelorette spinoff in 2024 as ABC has not announced any plans for it. However, given the success of The Golden Bachelor, a Bachelorette spinoff in the future is highly likely.
The Bachelor became a massive hit in 2002, leading to the Bachelor Nation franchise. Will The Golden Bachelorette follow this pattern?
While not officially announced, fans are already speculating about who they'd like to see as the first Golden Bachelorette, including Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin.
Faith and Ellen are open to the idea of becoming the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. They believe in the process and would jump at the opportunity.
Similar to The Golden Bachelorette, a second season of The Golden Bachelor has not been announced. The show was a smash hit and marked ABC’s #1 episode for any unscripted series ever on Hulu.