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Gretchen Carlson's Close Call with Onion Slicing, Humorously Bouncing Back

Gretchen Carlson jokes about her recovery from a cooking accident, where she almost cut off her finger chopping an onion.
Carlson thanks the press for caring about her finger injury and notes her commitment to advocacy work for workplace safety.
Gretchen Carlson is known for her work as a former Fox broadcaster and longtime women’s rights activist.
Carlson filed a sexual assault lawsuit against former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, leading to his resignation and sparking the #MeToo movement.
Carlson partnered with Julie Roginsky in 2019 to create Lift Our Voices, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for a safer workplace.
Days prior to her kitchen accident, Carlson reminded her followers of her and Roginsky’s mission to eliminate workplace toxicity and ensure every worker has a voice.