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Heather Rae Young Shows Off Son's Cute New Tattoo: Pic

Heather Rae Young revealed a new tattoo to honor her son Tristan, whom she shares with husband Tarek El Moussa.
Heather got a new tattoo behind her ear as a tribute for her 10-month-old son. She shared the news in an Instagram post, expressing her joy for the little things.
The first photo Heather shared was of herself and Tarek leaning in for a kiss, possibly when she was pregnant. The second shot showed the fresh tattoo behind her ear, a simple outline of a heart with her son’s name written underneath.
Heather shared a video on her story of getting tatted by Kareem. Tarek asked if she was excited for the new ink, and she expressed her long-time desire for it.
Tarek teased Heather about getting his name tattooed, but she declined. After the tattoo was finished, Tarek and Heather both expressed how cute it looked.
Heather and Tarek welcomed Tristan in February. Their son was born two years after their marriage in 2021, and they announced his birth in a joint Instagram post.