HeidiMontagUnleashesUnreleasedSingle'BadBoy'fromHerVaultHeidiMontagUnleashesUnreleasedSingle'BadBoy'fromHerVaultGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Heidi Montag Unleashes Unreleased Single 'Bad Boy' from Her Vault

Heidi Montag, 37, released a new single 'Bad Boy' as a follow-up to her 2010 debut album.
Her song 'I’ll Do It' saw a resurgence after being used as runway music during Paris Fashion Week and exploded on TikTok.
Montag released two remixed versions of 'I’ll Do It' and plans to drop other unreleased songs.
She feels Superficial wasn't successful due to her public image during its release and shared her disappointment and reflection on her surgeries and The Hills.
Montag's album was overshadowed by her surgeries and the ending of The Hills, and she reflected on how good the album was.
Since her days on The Hills, Montag appeared in the MTV series' reboot The Hills: New Beginnings and married Spencer Pratt, with whom she has two sons.