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Helen Mirren, 78, Dazzles in Sheer Fishnet Dress: Stunning Photos!

Helen Mirren presented Adele with an award at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Gala.
Helen Mirren arrived at the gala in a sheer fishnet dress with a white collared neckline and matching buttoned wrist cuffs.
She posed for pictures on the pink carpet in black heels and a black handbag.
Helen Mirren presented Adele with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award and posed for a picture with her.
Adele wore a pinstripe black-and-white suit to the event and delivered a moving speech upon receiving her award.
Helen Mirren made headlines for appearing at events, including bringing her grandson to the premiere of Shazam! Fury of the Gods.
Helen Mirren expressed her views on beauty, emphasizing the importance of celebrating qualities beyond physical appearance.