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Cold Plunge in Pink Swimsuit!

Helena Christensen's Exciting 55th Birthday
Helena Christensen celebrates her 55th birthday by taking a cold plunge in a pink zip-up swimsuit and red lipstick, continuing a treasured tradition. She bravely jumps into freezing waters wearing only the stylish swimsuit and red lipstick as her armor.
In a video posted to Instagram, Christensen turns to face the camera before lifting up her arms and jumping off of a wooden dock into the water. Despite getting wet, her red lipstick remained intact as she emerged from the water and onto the deck.
Christensen includes a sweet photo of herself hugging her 24-year-old son, Mingus Lucien Reedus, and her nephew and niece in the holiday snaps.
She captions the carousel: “Birthday chills w my family,” followed by a red heart, ocean wave, and blue heart emojis.
Plunging into icy waters is seemingly a treasured birthday tradition for Christensen. Last year, on her 54th birthday, she posted another video of her taking a cold plunge, revealing a strapless black, yellow, and pink striped one-piece before submerging herself in freezing water.
She captions that video: “Merry birthday to me 🎂 another dip around the sun 🌊💝.” Although the practice is not as popular in America, it is common for Scandinavians to enjoy a quick dip in frigid waters, often before warming up again in a hot sauna.