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Music Comeback is on the Horizon!

Hilary Duff Confirms
Hilary Duff, 36, says she hasn’t ruled out a return to music as she's been focused on acting and motherhood for the last decade.
She finds it difficult to juggle making music with raising kids, as the unstructured nature of it doesn't fit into her real life.
Duff believes that there will come a day when she can no longer resist the call to return to music, even though it may not happen in the near future.
Her last album, 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.,' was released in June 2015 after nearly a decade-long break from music.
She described the album as a mix of electropop, straightforward pop, and dance-y songs, influenced by her acting career and parenthood.
Duff feels that balancing acting, music, and motherhood is a challenge but finds excitement in getting a taste of making music again.