IsKodyandRobyn's'SisterWives'PromiseSuperficial?JanelleBrownPonders.IsKodyandRobyn's'SisterWives'PromiseSuperficial?JanelleBrownPonders.Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Is Kody and Robyn's 'Sister Wives' Promise Superficial? Janelle Brown Ponders.

Janelle Brown questions Kody and Robyn’s marriage after watching season 18 finale of Sister Wives.
Janelle doubts Kody's statement about their marriage, feeling he's not telling the whole story.
Janelle speculates about Kody's complaints pre-marriage and questions Robyn's promise.
Janelle calls out Kody for his remarks about his previous marriage and relationship with Meri.
Janelle expresses her annoyance with Kody's comments and calls out his behavior.
Janelle quips about honoring commitments in marriage and shares her thoughts on relationships.