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Jason Mraz's Surprising Mentor on 'Dancing With the Stars' (Exclusive)

Jason Mraz praised his partner Daniella Karagach and her husband Pasha Pashkov, who mentored him during Dancing With the Stars season 32.
Mraz and Karagach worked on the Foxtrot together, despite it not being her specialty, and shared a special experience as newbies in the final dance.
Mraz's impersonation of Pashkov earned a perfect score, but he ultimately came in second place as Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy won the trophy.
The singer expressed his gratitude for the experience, emphasizing how dancing is a physical, mental, and emotional medium for self-expression and evolution.
Mraz highlighted the impact of dancing on releasing stored emotions and praised his pro partner for teaching him everything he knows.
Looking ahead, Mraz plans to celebrate by going home to his cat and sleeping, with Karagach's support for the upcoming Dancing With the Stars tour.