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Jason Sudeikis Hails Taylor Swift as Kansas City's "Adopted Daughter" and Supports Travis Kelce Romance

Jason Sudeikis is thankful for Taylor Swift spending time in his hometown of Kansas City amid her romance with Travis Kelce.
Swift performed at Arrowhead Stadium for two nights in July amid her Eras Tour, and she has been spotted back in KC various times as her relationship with Kelce continues to blossom.
Swift's plans to watch Travis face off against older brother Jason Kelce’s Philadelphia Eagles were derailed when she had to reschedule her concert in Brazil due to a record-breaking heatwave.
Swift faced tragedy while visiting Brazil after a fan died while attending her show in Rio de Janeiro.
Swift expressed devastation about the fan's death and performed her ballad 'Bigger Than the Whole Sky,' believed to be dedicated to the fan, at her concert.
In the wake of the fan's passing, Swift has been grateful to have Travis as a huge support system and her team has reached out to the fan's family.