JessicaSimpsonSlaysinTrendyLeopardMiniDress,Groovesto‘WithYou’onTikTok:WatchJessicaSimpsonSlaysinTrendyLeopardMiniDress,Groovesto‘WithYou’onTikTok:WatchGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Jessica Simpson Slays in Trendy Leopard Mini Dress, Grooves to ‘With You’ on TikTok: Watch

Jessica Simpson rocks a mini leopard dress while singing her 2003 hit song on TikTok.
The 43-year-old appeared in a new TikTok video alongside Bunnie XO, singing her song 'With You' in a skin-tight animal print dress.
In the video, Jessica looked extra chic in the leopard dress and a plethora of necklaces, with her hair styled in loose beach waves.
Fans praised Jessica's performance, calling it iconic and reminiscing about her past hits.
Jessica and Bunnie XO attended Dolly Parton's album release party and Jessica praised her as her fairy godmother.
Jessica expressed her admiration for Dolly's new rock and roll album and emphasized her love for everyone.