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Jo Koy Reacts to Taylor Swift's Response to His Golden Globes Joke: "It Was Adorable"

Jo Koy seemed unphased by Taylor Swift's reaction to his monologue joke at the 81st Golden Globe Awards.
Jo Koy, 52, laughed in a post-show interview and explained the joke about Taylor Swift's attendance at NFL games to support Travis Kelce.
The comedian's joke about Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes garnered a reaction from the singer, who took a sip of her champagne.
In response to Taylor's reaction, Jo Koy found it 'cute' and explained that he was referring to the fewer camera shots of the singer at the Golden Globes.
The interviewer speculated that Taylor's sip of champagne may not have been in response to Jo's joke, to which Jo simply reacted by saying 'Aw, man.'
Taylor Swift addressed the backlash about her attendance at NFL games, stating that she's there to support Travis Kelce and has no awareness of the screen time she gets.