JoeyKingRespondstoExJacobElordi's'KissingBooth'Criticism:'SadtoHearAnyoneWouldFeelThat'JoeyKingRespondstoExJacobElordi's'KissingBooth'Criticism:'SadtoHearAnyoneWouldFeelThat'Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Joey King Responds to Ex Jacob Elordi's 'Kissing Booth' Criticism: 'Sad to Hear Anyone Would Feel That'

Joey King responds to criticism of The Kissing Booth movies, expressing her enjoyment in making them and her interest in a potential fourth installment.
Jacob Elordi, who played Noah Flynn, openly criticized the romantic comedies, describing them as a means of escape and expressing his dissatisfaction with the experience.
Elordi discussed his role in The Kissing Booth as a stepping stone, contrasting it with his subsequent roles on HBO's Euphoria and as Elvis Presley in Priscilla.
Elordi emphasized the challenges of balancing commercial films with personal projects, while Taylor Zakhar Perez expressed disappointment over Elordi's remarks and highlighted the positive impact of the movies.
Elordi acknowledged his former costars' silence regarding his comments, expressing his gratitude to everyone involved in the movies.
Reflecting on his time with the franchise, Elordi previously expressed feeling 'corny' and 'terribly misunderstood,' driven by the need to establish himself as a serious actor.