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Is He Romancing 'House of Villains' Co-Star Corinne Olympios?"

"Johnny Bananas Spills
The former 'House of Villains' co-stars openly flirted with each other throughout the season, and their hot tub moment sent fans spiraling.
Johnny Bananas and Corinne Olympios sparked romance rumors after that steamy hot tub scene in House of Villains, so viewers want to know if they’re dating IRL.
“What are we? What aren’t we?” Johnny jokingly asked before explaining the truth behind their relationship status.
The duo openly flirted with each other during the time together on E!’s series, which features 10 of reality TV’s most infamous villains from shows such as The Bachelor, Love Is Blind, The Apprentice and more.
Earlier this week, Corinne, 31, fueled romance rumors by posting several Instagram photos with Johnny.
“You … me … hot tub,” Johnny tweeted in reply with multiple emojis: a thumbs up, a devil face, a corn and a banana.
Although they aren’t in an official relationship at the moment, Johnny emphasized to Hollywood Life that the Bachelor season 21 contestant is “honestly one of my favorite human beings I’ve ever met.”
“We’re so great together, we work so great together, we have such a good time,” he elaborated before noting, “However … it’s a difficult world to try and hold down any sort of, like, you know, functional relationship.