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The Unpleasant Reality of Cold Nudity

Jon Hamm on Stripping for ‘Fargo’
Jon Hamm, 52, portrays murderous sheriff Roy Tillman on season 5 of Hulu’s Fargo, which premiered earlier this month. Hamm was asked to get naked while filming an exterior scene of the show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Hamm filmed in Canada where he often faced below-freezing cold temperatures. "In Celsius, zero is freezing. … But then it gets down to, like, minus 30, and you go, ‘This is not safe,'" he joked.
During the scene in question, Hamm’s character gets interrogated by two FBI agents while basking in a hot tub naked. As he exits the jacuzzi, viewers are given a flash of Hamm’s backside while he seemingly exposes himself to the agents.
Host Jimmy Kimmel asked about what the actors playing the FBI agents saw while shooting the scene, Hamm said with a smirk, 'The glory of God’s creation, really.' Hamm added that there was actually a 'flesh-colored sock' that gets 'cinched' tightly around him, which he described as 'not pleasant.'
Hamm said of the contraption. When Kimmel, 56, wondered if there was a 'handler' who dealt with the sock, Hamm said, 'If there is one, I did not use one. I handled that myself. Going on 52 years of experience. I’m real good.'
Hamm stars alongside Juno Temple, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Joe Keery for season 5 of the anthology series, which is inspired by the 1996 movie of the same name. Fargo, which premiered on FX in 2014, was created by Noah Hawley and is executive produced by Joe and Ethan Coen, who directed the original film.