JoyBehar'sSurpriseU-TurnonFeudwithChrisChristie:TiredofHis'Attacks'onTrumpJoyBehar'sSurpriseU-TurnonFeudwithChrisChristie:TiredofHis'Attacks'onTrumpGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Joy Behar's Surprise U-Turn on Feud with Chris Christie: Tired of His 'Attacks' on Trump

Joy Behar jokes about ending feud with Chris Christie during podcast.
Behar expresses newfound friendship with Christie and their history of acrimony.
Behar recalls roast jokes about Christie and her current respect for him.
Behar humorously compares her relationship with Christie to conscious uncoupling.
Behar reflects on past roast and exchanges numbers with Christie.
Behar shares humorous anecdotes about her past interactions with Christie on The View.