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Julie Bowen's Top Parenting Tips

Social Media, Dating Rules, and More!

Julie Bowen, 53, shares her parenting advice with Us Weekly, including her rules for social media and dating for her kids.
Bowen believes in waiting until kids are in their teens to give them access to cell phones and social media, emphasizing the need for brain maturity to handle it.
She also stresses the importance of being an ethical person and having conversations with her kids about it.
In addition to social media rules, Bowen has established dating standards for her sons, emphasizing politeness and respect.
She reframes the approach to feeding picky eaters, advising parents to look at it over the course of a week rather than striving for daily perfection.
Life Cereal is a staple in Bowen's pantry, and she encourages parents to share their best parenting pointers with the chance to exchange advice with her through the Life Cereal hotline.