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Kaitlin Olson Beats Husband in Bidding War for Kylie Kelce Eagles Jacket

Philadelphia Eagles fans sparked a bidding war to score a letterman jacket signed by Jason Kelce‘s wife, Kylie Kelce.
Jason and Travis Kelce revealed the identity of auction’s winner during their “New Heights” podcast by introducing known Eagles fan Rob McElhenney.
McElhenney was surprised to see his bid doubled and later discovered that he was bidding against someone he knew.
Kaitlin Olson joined the podcast and revealed that she was going head-to-head with her husband in the auction.
The couple, who star alongside one another on the hit series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, added that they were “honored” to get involved with a good cause.
Fans followed along with McElhenney on X (formerly Twitter) as he submitted his various bids before the auction closed.