KateWinsletRevealsInstantConnectionwithLeonardoDiCaprioon'Titanic'SetKateWinsletRevealsInstantConnectionwithLeonardoDiCaprioon'Titanic'SetGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Kate Winslet Reveals Instant Connection with Leonardo DiCaprio on 'Titanic' Set

Kate Winslet confirmed her close relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio over 25 years after 'Titanic.'
Kate Winslet formed an instant bond with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Titanic.
Kate and Leo 'clicked immediately' and found their own rhythm while filming Titanic.
Kate shared her first impressions of Leo and praised his approach to the role in Titanic.
Kate praised Leo's intelligence, curiosity, and focus on the craft of acting.
Kate confirmed her special bond with Leo today and their instant connection in communication.