KathyHiltonhintsatpeacewithLisaRinnafollowingexplosive'RHOBH'argumentKathyHiltonhintsatpeacewithLisaRinnafollowingexplosive'RHOBH'argumentGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Kathy Hilton hints at peace with Lisa Rinna following explosive 'RHOBH' argument

Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna may be back on good terms after a blowout fight. Hilton received a flower bouquet and card from Rinna and talked for about 20 minutes with her.
Hilton confirmed there is now 'peace' between her and Rinna, expressing happiness for Rinna's well-being and the importance of unity during challenging times.
Rinna has left her role as a full-time RHOBH cast member, while Hilton has not returned as a 'friend' for the show's 13th season. Hilton mentioned the possibility of returning to RHOBH in the future.
Despite the drama, Hilton had a good time on the show and felt comfortable spending time with her sister during the pandemic. She mentioned having fun and enjoying the experience on RHOBH.
Hilton expressed that being on RHOBH was an adventure and revealed that the experience made her realize her quirky nature. She enjoyed the freedom to do as she pleased on the show.
The RHOBH star shared her positive experience on WWHL, emphasizing the adventure of being on the show and the newfound self-awareness of her quirky nature.