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Kayla Nicole Opens Up About 'Friendship Breakups' with Travis Kelce's Ex

Kayla Nicole, ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce, reflects on the end of her friendship with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes on social media.
Nicole unfollowed Brittany and Patrick Mahomes after their friendship with Travis Kelce's new girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Swift has been romantically linked to Kelce since September.
Taylor Swift is enjoying her new friendships with the wives and girlfriends of Travis Kelce's teammates.
Kayla Nicole has been open about the impact of her breakup with Travis Kelce on her mental health and her journey to therapy.
Nicole reflects on the challenges of dealing with the publicity surrounding Travis Kelce's love life and hints at a new crush on Jalen Hurts.
Kayla Nicole expresses interest in Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, teammate of Travis' brother, Jason Kelce, through social media posts.