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Kelly Clarkson Embraces New Body in Bold Fashion Transformation

Kelly Clarkson joked with a fan about being styled to fit into ‘tight’ clothing after losing weight.
Kelly Clarkson was seen in a January 2 TikTok video performing on stage, where a fan offered her a shot of vodka in between songs.
She struggled to kneel down due to her snug outfit and joked about her clothes being tight after losing weight.
Kelly examined the small bottle while returning to center stage, wearing a stunning all-black jumpsuit with her hair down for the evening.
She made another quip about her outfit, joking, 'My thighs [are] gonna come out' as she saluted the fan with the shot bottle before taking a swig.
The American Idol alum opened up about how she lost weight during an interview with PEOPLE, noting that raising her kids involves quite the workout by walking around town.