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Kelsea Ballerini's Take on Chase Stokes' Bond with Ex Madelyn Cline

Kelsea Ballerini responds to rumors about feeling threatened by her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend spending time together on set of 'Outer Banks.'
Kelsea Ballerini dismisses rumors pitting her against boyfriend Chase Stokes' ex-girlfriend Madelyn Cline, emphasizing her positive first meeting with Madelyn.
Kelsea Ballerini expresses admiration for Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline's working relationship on and off-screen in 'Outer Banks.'
Kelsea Ballerini emphasizes her support for Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline's bond, stating her excitement to spend time with Madelyn.
Kelsea Ballerini reflects on her own security in her relationship and dismisses any insecurity regarding Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline's past.
Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline previously dated on and off from 2020 to 2021, and their characters in 'Outer Banks' are expected to continue their rocky relationship into season 4.
Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline prioritize their work over personal matters, maintaining their on-screen chemistry despite their breakup.
Madelyn Cline emphasizes the professional and familial atmosphere of the 'Outer Banks' cast and crew, expressing her happiness in remaining professional.
Kelsea Ballerini finalized her divorce from ex-husband Morgan Evans in 2022 after nearly five years of marriage.