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KFC Reveals Travis Kelce's Thanksgiving Feast

Travis Kelce celebrated Thanksgiving with KFC instead of turkey, receiving 56 pieces of fried chicken, 80 hot and spicy wings, and multiple sides. He revealed his plans on his podcast and declined an invitation to his brother's house.
Travis had to return to Missouri quickly for a football game, joking about not wanting to fly to Philly. KFC responded to his plans on Twitter, referencing one of Taylor Swift's famous songs.
Taylor Swift was in Brazil during Thanksgiving, but sources reveal that she and Travis plan to spend Christmas and New Year together, with Travis already starting Christmas shopping for her.
Despite their busy schedules, Travis and Taylor are strategically planning to spend time together and avoid long gaps apart, aiming to be like a regular couple.
Travis and Taylor have detailed plans for the coming months as they balance her tour and his football games, aiming to minimize time apart and be as much like a regular couple as possible.