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Kody Brown's Shocking Revelation

Considering Leaving Robyn in 'Sister Wives' Preview

Kody Brown discusses a scenario where he leaves Robyn for another lover in a preview of the next Sister Wives special.
Kody admits to picturing a scenario where he's not with Robyn anymore in a December 10 episode preview.
Robyn expresses anger and disappointment over the direction of her relationship with Kody, feeling tricked and depressed.
Robyn is upset over Meri and Kody's split, uncertain about her future with Kody.
Robyn breaks down over the fallout of Kody's breakups with Christine and Janelle, expressing her desire for a shared future that will never happen.
Robyn emphasizes her uncertainty about the future in her confessional, as new episodes of Sister Wives: One on One specials continue to air on TLC.