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Kourtney Kardashian's Prenatal Vitamins
Kourtney Kardashian added Lemme Mama, a prenatal multivitamin, to her brand Lemme, filled with beneficial ingredients for pregnant women.
Kourtney Kardashian Barker announced the launch of Lemme Mama in June 2023, in time for her pregnancy, leveraging scientific research to develop the gold standard prenatal multivitamin.
Lemme Mama promotes healthy fetal development, energy, nutrition, fertility, post-partum symptoms, and lactation, with essential nutrients like folate, choline, iron, iodine, and vitamins.
The capsule is gentle on the stomach, benefits morning sickness, and promotes the baby’s brain and spinal cord development.
Functional nutritionist Leona West praised Lemme Mama as the pinnacle of prenatal care, delivering every key nutrient for pregnancy in their most bioavailable forms.
Professionals have shared their opinions on the product, emphasizing its clean, active, and gentle prenatal care qualities.