KylieJennerPlayfullyMocksKendall'sOnionCuttingSkillsonThanksgiving,AfterHerViralCucumberMishapKylieJennerPlayfullyMocksKendall'sOnionCuttingSkillsonThanksgiving,AfterHerViralCucumberMishapGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Kylie Jenner Playfully Mocks Kendall's Onion Cutting Skills on Thanksgiving, After Her Viral Cucumber Mishap

The Karjenners are teasing Kendall Jenner about her cucumber-cutting skills.
Kylie Jenner posted a video of Kendall chopping onions and teased her with a cucumber emoji.
Kendall's cucumber-cutting skills were questioned after a viral episode of The Kardashians.
The internet went wild over Kendall's cucumber-cutting method, but she laughed it off and even dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween.
Kendall addressed the viral cucumber moment during an episode of The Kardashians and expressed her indifference to the teasing.
In a June 2023 interview, Kendall opened up about her cucumber-cutting skills and confidently stated that she can cut cucumbers tastefully.