KylieKelceTeasesTravisKelce'sTransformationintoaCatLover,InspiredbyTaylorSwiftKylieKelceTeasesTravisKelce'sTransformationintoaCatLover,InspiredbyTaylorSwiftGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Kylie Kelce Teases Travis Kelce's Transformation into a Cat Lover, Inspired by Taylor Swift

Kylie Kelce hints at Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift on a podcast.
Listeners suspect Kylie's comment was about Swift, who is known for loving cats.
Swift has supported Travis at games and spent Christmas with his family.
Travis praises Taylor's brother and receives a thoughtful gift from him.
Travis jokes about Taylor's cats and her love for them.
Travis shares humorous anecdotes about his family's cat and Taylor's love for her cats.