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Lacey Chabert Thrilled to Host Hallmark's New Show 'Celebrations with Lacey'

Lacey Chabert to host Celebrations With Lacey Chabert, an unscripted show on Hallmark Channel, surprising community heroes with parties.
Lisa Hamilton Daly, Hallmark Media's executive vice president of programming, announces the network's foray into unscripted programming.
Chabert will also be an executive producer on the project and the show is set to air 10 episodes on Hallmark Movies Now in late 2024.
Chabert, known for her roles in Hallmark movies, shares her excitement for the show and her love for party planning and DIY crafts.
Chabert's extensive history with Hallmark, starring in over 25 films, including franchises like Wedding Veil and The Crossword Mysteries, is highlighted.