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35 Christmas Trees, One for Funko Pop! (Exclusive)

Lance Bass's Festive Obsession
Lance Bass, the 'NSync singer, talks about his holiday traditions, including decorating 35 Christmas trees with his family, one of which is dedicated to collectible vinyl figures.
Bass shares some interesting facts about himself, such as his love for gardening, favorite TV shows, and his dream of becoming an astronaut.
More facts about Bass, including his childhood memories, favorite activities, and his celebrity crush growing up.
Bass shares some personal details about his first car, first concert, and his favorite advice.
Bass talks about his experiences with his 2-year-old twins, his love for cooking, and his holiday traditions, including hosting charcuterie Christmas parties.
Bass shares his aspirations of visiting Argentina and his long history of hosting holiday gatherings, along with his favorite holiday playlist.
Bass reveals that the holidays are not complete for him without making his Mimi’s cornbread dressing and emphasizes his tradition of decorating 35 Christmas trees every year.