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Lele Pons' Hilarious Reaction to Viral 'Drunk' Video Hinting at Future Pregnancy

DWTS Lele Pons Reacts to Drunk Video of Her Sharing She Might Be Pregnant in 2024. Harry Jowsey proved to be a loyal friend to his Dancing With the Stars costar Lele Pons.
On Thursday, January 4, the official Billboard account shared a hilarious video via TikTok of Pons, 27, talking about her New Year’s resolution alongside Jowsey, 26, at the Billboard Music Awards Party on November 19, 2023.
“Me and my husband are trying to see,” she said while cutting herself off, adding, “We might have a …. I might be pregnant after.” Jowsey then took covered Pons’ mouth with his hand while giggling.
“Bro i was so drunk nooooo😅,” she commented. Pons also dueted the video while shaking her head and covering her face.
Jowsey teased Pons in her comments section, writing, “Never drinking again 😭😭😂😂.” Pons was quick to reply, calling Jowsey a “real one” for attempting to save her.
After Pons and pro Brandon Armstrong got eliminated during the show’s Music Video night in November 2023, fans were upset to see her leave instead of Jowsey, who scored below her.
“Don’t know who is out here voting for Harry every week but yall gotta stop! Lele had no business getting eliminated,” one social media user said via X.