"LevaBonaparteUnleashestheHammer,Axes2Employeesin'SouthernHospitality'Season2Opener""LevaBonaparteUnleashestheHammer,Axes2Employeesin'SouthernHospitality'Season2Opener"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Leva Bonaparte Unleashes the Hammer, Axes 2 Employees in 'Southern Hospitality' Season 2 Opener"

Leva Bonaparte fires two employees for drinking on the job during the Southern Hospitality season 2 premiere, reminding them she's the boss.
Leva co-owns Charleston’s Republic Garden & Lounge with her husband, Lamar Bonaparte. Lucía Peña was let go before filming resumed.
Mia confronts Leva, leading to Mia's termination for drinking on shift, causing a disruption at the nightclub.
Leva informs her staff about the consequences of breaking the rules, emphasizing that drinking on the job is a fireable offense.
The staff is left reeling after the firings and Leva's emphasis on the importance of not breaking the rules.