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Lila Moss Honors Mom Kate Moss' Iconic Sheer Slip Dress at Fashion Awards

Lila Moss pays tribute to Kate Moss at the Fashion Awards in London by wearing a sheer slip dress reminiscent of one her mother wore in 1993.
Lila's see-through floor-length gown featured thin shoulder straps, cut-outs, and delicate pleat detailing, paired with black underwear, black heels, and silver earrings.
Kate Moss also wore a similar metallic sheer floor-length dress in 1993, with distinct black underwear and no makeup, at an Elite Model Agency party in London.
The iconic images of Kate wearing the see-through dress are easily recognized today, and Lila enlisted the help of designer Nensi Dojaka to create a modern-day rendition of the famous outfit.
Lila drew inspiration from her mom for the dress and hair, aiming for an effortless wispy bun reminiscent of Kate's look in 1993.
Designer Nensi Dojaka, inspired by the iconic Liza Bruce sheer slip dress worn by Kate in 1993, created a unique design for Lila, who embodies confidence and femininity.