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Everything to Know About Tiffany Stewart & Their Love Story

Mark Cuban’s Wife
The 'Shark Tank' star has been married to his wife for over 20 years. Find out everything you need to know about Mark Cuban and his relationship with Tiffany Stewart.
He’s been involved in multiple successful companies, but he’s probably most well-known for being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and he’s an investor on the popular show Shark Tank, which has returned for its 15th season. By his side through much of his success has been his wife Tiffany Stewart.
The two first crossed paths at a gym in Dallas in 1997. It was revealed that he first met Tiffany while working on his fitness in a 2000 profile in Forbes.
While the Cube is pretty open about his many, successful business ventures, it’s not clear what his wife does, but in that same profile, it was revealed that she was an advertising saleswoman, at least as she and Mark were in the dating stages of their relationship.
“We are still happily married and having a blast on our honeymoon,” he told The Associated Press in a statement after the wedding. In 2000, he dodged marriage questions with Forbes.
“That’s a no-win question for me,” he explained.
Despite mostly keeping his and Tiffany’s relationship private, he revealed that his proposal didn’t have a “fairytale castle in the background” in a July 2023 interview with Showtime.
“I was like, ‘Let’s go to Whataburger,'” he said with a laugh.
They’re parents to Alexis, 20, Alyssa, 16, and Jake, 13. In another photo, he took his son for a fishing trip.
The pair have a mansion in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas.
He threw his wife a private concert with 100 of their friends to celebrate her special day.