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Becca's Surprising Decision with Austin Revealed - Sneak Peek

Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight's Becca and Austin are growing closer, but the bride is still trying to avoid talking about the hard stuff in Us Weekly's exclusive sneak peek of the Wednesday, November 29, episode.
In the clip, Becca and Austin hold hands on the beach while having a heart-to-heart, and she reveals that she usually tackles the hard stuff first.
Becca feels more secure in their bond now. 'I know that there might be differences there because I was raised Jewish but I'm personally agnostic, but I also know that those differences have caused me such anxiety before in past relationships.'
'We know we do,' Becca points out. 'But, like, there's so much else there, where in past relationships there hasn't [been] and I've only looked for those commonalities, latched on to those commonalities and used those as a foundation — and that has failed me.
I feel, like, by us building a foundation on all of the other aspects of our relationship and on all of our other strengths and everything else, we will be able to get through a lot.'
Becca continues the conversation by telling her husband that she's 'not extremely worried' about how the 'issues' they haven't talked about might impact their relationship.
While they aren't diving into all the tough stuff just yet, Becca had to immediately open up to her new husband about her health issues, including endometriosis and an autoimmune disease that affects her spine.