"MarthaStewart,82,SizzlesinSeductiveNightgownSelfie""MarthaStewart,82,SizzlesinSeductiveNightgownSelfie"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Martha Stewart, 82, Sizzles in Seductive Nightgown Selfie"

Martha Stewart posts a mirror selfie in a sultry nightgown, teasing that she 'didn't look so bad'.
Martha Stewart ends the year on a high note, posting a sultry snapshot of herself in a stunning nightgown.

After an eight hour plane trip from westchester to palm beach- horrible by the way - we went to bed early and wore my beautiful @sabbiarosa nightgown (linen with robe). I didn't look so bad when I got up at least not as bad as I did when I went to bed- it must be the $$$$$outfit!!
Martha Stewart wears a beautiful nightgown and robe, looking stunning in a mirror selfie.
Fans praise Martha for the 'thirst trap' picture, applauding her for her beauty.
Martha responds to praise and comments on her ageless appearance, shutting down plastic surgery rumors.
Martha Stewart encourages people to dress however they feel, irrespective of age, and applauds senior individuals for being fabulous.