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Matthew Macfadyen's Wife

A Closer Look at 'Succession' Star Keeley Hawes and Their Love Story

Matthew Macfadyen, known for his role in 'Succession', has been happily married to Keeley Hawes since 2004.
Before 'Succession', Macfadyen starred as Mr. Darcy in 2005’s 'Pride & Prejudice'. He and Keeley Hawes have two children together.
Keeley Hawes, a successful actress, has appeared in various TV shows and films, including 'Spooks' and 'Stonehouse'. She has also performed in live theater.
Matthew and Keeley met on the set of 'Spooks' and got married in 2004. Their love story was quite unconventional, as Keeley was previously married.
The couple had a low-key wedding in November 2004, with Keeley being seven months pregnant at the time.
Matthew and Keeley are parents to two children, daughter Maggie (19) and son Ralph (17).