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MC Lyte Seeks Music's Game-Changing Artists - Young Coders Needed

MC Lyte is inspiring a new generation of young coders with Black Girls Code’s latest contest, 'Build a Beat Challenge With Ciara.'
The nationwide contest aims to empower students ages 13 to 18 to code their own song for the chance to meet Ciara via a video call and win up to $10,000 in tech prizes.
Participants of the 'Build a Beat Challenge with Ciara' will access video tutorials to guide them on their coding journey and craft their unique songs and remixes.
The winners will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges, including MC Lyte and other renowned figures from the music industry.
MC Lyte expresses her excitement to be partnering with Ciara and highlights the importance of teaching and inspiring younger individuals in the music business.
The 'Build a Beat Challenge with Ciara' is a testament to Ciara's support for sisterhood and her desire for everyone to succeed.