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"Meet Stormi Bree

The Model by Joe Jonas' Side"

Model Stormi Bree was spotted leaving an airport in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the same time as Joe Jonas.
Stormi Bree and Joe Jonas were seen together during a getaway to Mexico in new photos on Wednesday, January 3.
Stormi Bree, originally known for beauty pageants, has had a successful modeling career and won Miss Tennessee Teen USA in 2008.
In addition to modeling, Stormi also showcased her musical talent on American Idol and was part of the electronic music group U.G.L.Y.
Stormi Bree has also delved into acting, appearing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the movie Hot Water, and various short films and music videos.
Aside from her careers, Stormi is a mom to a daughter named Gravity, which has shifted her perspective on beauty and modeling.