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Melissa Barrera Axed from ‘Scream 7’
Melissa Barrera has reportedly been dropped from the upcoming installment of the hit horror franchise.
Melissa Barrera has reportedly been fired from the upcoming Scream franchise installment, Scream VII, after sharing several social media posts about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.
Barrera starred in 2022’s Scream and 2023’s Scream VI as the lead character, Samantha Carpenter, alongside co-star and Wednesday actress, Jenna Ortega.
Barrera has not publicly responded to the news of her apparent firing.
Spyglass — the company behind the film — released a statement to Variety explaining their decision to cut ties with Barrera.
Scream VI ended with Barrera and Ortega’s characters defeating the three villains who were behind the Ghostface mask — their roommate, Quinn, their friend Ethan, and Detective Bailey.