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'j' Necklace for Fiance Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown's Heartfelt Tribute
Millie Bobby Brown showed love to her fiance by wearing a 'J' necklace in her recent photo set on social media.
In an Instagram post, she revealed the 'J' necklace to honor her fiancé Jake Bongiovi, showing they're going strong in their relationship.
The photo set included closeup selfies and a photo of her with a small white purse, showcasing the 'J' charm on her necklace.

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Besides the selfies, she also had a video of herself walking her dog and a picture of a city street and one taken in a park.
Millie and Jake got engaged after three years of dating, and she announced her engagement with lyrics from Taylor Swift’s 'Lover' album.
In an August interview, she discussed wedding planning and the excitement of this time in her life, keeping the precious moments close to her heart.