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Natalia Grace's True Age Unveiled in New Docuseries Amidst Controversy

The former Ukrainian orphan's age has been revealed, and her adoptive mother responds to claims made in a docuseries.
Natalia Grace's real age was a subject of speculation before the release of her docuseries. She opened up about her adoption story and her rare genetic disorder.
Natalia's adoptive family accused her of posing as a young girl and attempting to harm them. DNA testing finally reveals her true age.
After being adopted, Natalia's birth year was changed, and the family faced legal issues. She was then taken in by new adoptive parents.
Natalia claimed abuse by her former adoptive mother, but Kristine Barnett refutes the allegations in a public statement.
The Barnetts had Natalia's age legally changed, but a DNA test later revealed her true age. Kristine responds to the accusations and legal actions taken.