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Nick Jonas Raves About Daughter's Playful Spirit, Drawing Parallels to Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas praises his 10-month-old daughter Malti's personality, comparing her to his wife Priyanka Chopra and highlighting her mischievous attitude and sense of humor.
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During a podcast interview, Nick expresses his admiration for people who don't take themselves too seriously and finds it encouraging.
Nick highlights his daughter's brilliant manifestation of a mischievous attitude, sense of humor, and ability to laugh at situations.
As a father, Nick discusses how having a child has taught him that he can't control everything and how each day presents its own set of challenges.
Nick mentions that Malti has already attended his concerts with the Jonas Brothers on their tour and talks about the physical effects of being a parent, including a wrist injury.
Nick humorously describes how he becomes his daughter's seat and suffers wrist pain from holding her, as she prefers to face forward when being held.